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The coastal zone of the area, extending over several kilometers and filled with bars, restaurants, parks and recreation areas, shops, etc.
The Byzantine Tower in Redina
Monastery of Lydia
The nunnery of Lydia with rich economic, social and cultural activity.
Church of Agia Marina
Thessaloniki with its ancient and Byzantine monuments (White Tower, ancient market, Galerius arch, Acropolis and castles, Vlatada Monastery, Agios Dimitrios, Agia Sofia, etc.), its large modern market, the TIF, the beach and the port, Kemal's house, the incredible flavors in its thousands of restaurants and taverns and its vibrant nightlife.
Mount Athos
Ancient Stageira
The ancient Stageira, birthplace of Aristotle and the theme park of his discoveries.
Halkidiki with its famous beaches and emerald waters.
Amphipolis with its famous lion, a city from where Alexander the Great began his campaign.
Philippi and the step of the Apostle Paul.
Kavala with its ancient Aqueduct, Imaret, its port and the commercial movement of its market.
Aggitis Cave
Drama, with its picturesque ‘islet’ and hill Korylovos. The gorge and cave of river Agitis, one of nature’s unique monuments.
Serres with its impressive car racing circuit, the world famous, delicious ‘akanedes’ and the Natural History Museum.
Alistrati Cave
Lake Kerkini
Lake Kerkini with its unique bella vista and its rich flora and fauna.
Roads of Wine
The many wineries one can visit in the area of Drama and the Roads of Wine.
Ski resorts
Falakro Ski Resort and Lailia Ski Resort.
Spa in Nea Apollonia
The Spa in Nea Apollonia, famous for their facilities and the exceptionally beneficial properties of their water for a number of ailments.